David Tamburro Training Solutions | Preparing for the Used Car Customer
David Tamburro Training Solutions | Preparing for the Used Car Customer
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Preparing for the Used Car Customer

Preparing for the Used Car Customer

The used car customer is one of the best I can have. But if I’m not prepared for them I will turn this potential sale into just another customer visit. The used car client usually has shopped on the internet and found a few vehicles that fit what they want based on price, miles, model and condition.

So now, they want to see and drive their selections. We should always remember that this customer has fears that the new car customer doesn’t have concerning potential problems with the vehicle, warranty after the sale and the history of the car.

As a sales professional, it is my responsibility to become familiar with all of the cars on my pre-owned lot. I do this by sitting in them to familiarize myself with where everything is, how it works, the miles the vehicle has on it, the remaining warranty and the price. Once I know the inventory I then need to understand what we do at my dealership as it pertains to the pre-owned vehicles. Here is a list of questions I always asked my managers:

  1. Do we put any additional warranties on our cars?
  2. What is the reconditioning process when a car is traded in?
  3. Do we put a window sticker on our vehicles?
  4. Do we share the reconditioning repairs with the customer?
  5. Do we show the customer the Carfax report on our vehicles?

The used car customer wants to make sure they are getting a good reliable vehicle and not someone else’s headache. And I need to let them know why buying from us makes sense.

Remember, a new car customer is buying the manufacturer and the warranty, but a used car customer is buying me and my agency.

When a customer comes on the lot after I’ve introduced myself to them and given them a business card ( I don’t know where they have been before so I want to be the most professional salesperson they meet) I always felt that I wanted to establish our credibility before we picked a car. So I would always start by thanking them for coming and then saying folks before we find the right car for you I think it’s important for you to know about us. I then would start by telling them what we do here

  1. If we put our prices on the window i would tell them that new vehicles have to have a window sticker by law, but there is no law for the preowned vehicle. We just feel it’s important that a customer knows what the price is 24/7 and that we price our vehicles by such and such guide
  2. If we run our vehicles through a mechanical inspection I will let them know how many points and what we check
  3. If we put an additional warranty on our cars i would tell them that since we inspect all of these cars we are comfortable giving the customer the peace of mind a warranty brings
  4. If we share the reconditioning checklist with the customer I would tell them that once we find the car they want we will go over what we did to the car
  5. If we share the Carfax i would let them know we will look at the history of the car they pick’

My job as a sale professional is to know my product, but I also need to understand how to overcome the customers fear while selling the reputation of my store. If I can do this before I try to sell them a car, I will typically gain their confidence.


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