David Tamburro Training Solutions | Testimonials
David Tamburro Training Solutions | Testimonials
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Jason Blodgett

“This job is built for anybody. I don’t care who you are. If you follow this path, if you follow this play, you are going to make money.”

– Jason Blodgett | Salesman

Paul Pelletier

“I’ve worked with this sales system in Texas and in Las Vegas. As General Manager of Planet Hyundai, I saw us go from being 250 in the country, to being in the top 5 in the country. Our turnover was cut in half, our sales people made more money, and we had great CSI”

– Paul Pelletier | GM Planet Hyundai

Ryan Tamburro

“If you dedicate yourself to this process, I guarantee you, you’ll be successful. If every single day, you take the time to lear and follow this process, you’ll make money.”

– Ryan Tamburro | General Sales Manager