David Tamburro Training Solutions | Why Use DTTS
David Tamburro Training Solutions | Why Use DTTS
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Why Use DTTS

The cost of an untrained or even undertrained sales force effects a dealership in multiple ways. The hard cost of hiring, background checks, training and minimum wage are just a few of these. Unfortunately it doesn’t end there, when you look at the difference in revenue based on the closing percentage of a well trained salesperson vs. one who lacks the skills that consistent training gives them it’s unbelievable!


Finally If you could measure the effect high turnover has on CSI and employee satisfaction you would understand why using David Tamburro Training Solutions makes so much sense. With over 37 years of real world automotive experience hiring, training and developing elite sales teams we know what it takes to give your sales force and managers the tools to be successful in today’s retail automotive Environment.

Typically, a new salesperson last 60 days without proper training. This churn and burn of salespeople can literally run a dealership in to the ground having a detrimental effect on both employee morale and customer morale. Here are 6 instant results of high turnover:

Additional Costs

Less Referrals

Orphan Owners

Low Employee Morale

Loss of Service Retention

High Turnover Benefits